Friday, August 14, 2009

A Trip To The Forest Lawn Cemetery

Worked out on the wii this morning and listened for the mail man. I finally got the charms I ordered from =) Every Charm that I have on my charm bracelet is a reflection of me or of an accomplishment or in memory of a place I've vacationed.

I went to go visit my Art Teachers Grave. I haven't been there for a while and I miss her.
Took the 123 bus with my cousin accompanying me. Got off the street across from flower shop and bought some flowers. Too bad Peonies are no longer in season, they were her favorite. I ended up getting chrysanthemums and posies. We walked to the grave. I haven't been there for a while and got lost along the way, but strangely where we got side tracked we walked passed a 'LO' family grave. Is this a coincidence that the one place we get side tracked to we pass a possible family member? I wonder. We end up finding her grave and I clean about it and placed my flowers there. I pray for her to watch over me and guide me. When I paint to be by my side as I know she always is on the best ones. On the way out we went back to the 'LO' grave to pay respects, as we wondered if he was family.
I leave the cemetery and I feel so much better, I'm melting that icicle out of my chest.
I've now noted her birthday and death date on my calender so I will remember next year and visit her. What are the odds, her birthday is the same as my friend that passed away last year. March 11.

Me and my cousin head over to dressew in search of bunny ears for our chubby bunny challenge that soon will be posted after we battle. And a crow costume for my stunt. *sigh* only got black wings.
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