Sunday, August 23, 2009

Visiting The PNE

Today was filled with dim sum and PNE. Yes I did break my diet foods and caved into temptation. I ate meat but you know what, I didn't eat that much of it. I can't help it when I'm such a food lover. We walked around and watched the toon rock parade, to be honest it wasn't that great this year. We sat and watched the superdogs show which I really wanted to go down and pet the Boston Terrier and Pug but didn't end up doing so because of all the rush of kids and people. Too many to fight through to get to the dogs so we just left to walk around some more. We walked down a section behind the atv and monster truck show. The roaring of the atv's as they raced by really touches my soul. Like I want one. It was right around that area where we ran into a food stand that served foot long corn dogs and lemonade. MmmmMm is all I have say. I gave the PNE art fair bear a high five ( just me being silly ) . The Three wheel bike car ( have no idea what it's called ) was pretty cool looking. The petting zoo was kinda lame with only goats, my arms were too short to reach the mini horses and the rabbits but my sister has a rabbit so no big deal. But the mini goat was cute and the black sheep was so soft. Baah baah Black Sheep have you any wool? *singing*

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