Friday, September 04, 2009

Capilano Suspension Bridge

In the morning I had that dream. I've come to let go.
I planned early this week to bring cousin LX to Capilano Suspension Bridge. And since Lan had the day off of work, she came along and brought us there. Me and Cousin LX and Lan did a bunch of goofy poses. Our random comments and actions made random strangers laugh ( which was awesome ). We took a bunch of pics since Lan had brought Peter's new D90 out to play. Just taking pictures with that thing was like a dream. The photos it took were beautiful. Too bad Peter didn't transfer them correctly to me or I would be blogging them. Well I'm currently looking through my photos to pick out the best ones to post. When I get the pics from Peter & Lan of me, I'll post some pics from our adventure.
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