Monday, September 21, 2009

REALLY really Tired

Okay, Here is the sum of my last night till this morning.
I am tired and burnt from last night. Decide to go to bed. The dog decides to not want to go to bed. Keeps me up all night. I'm constantly letting him in and out of my room. I have a stomach pain / uncomfortable feeling. when I press slightly an inch down from my belly button it hurts. He wants to sleep with me on my bed. He wins, I wrap him up in my beach towel and hug his stinky butt in my arms till he falls asleep, when he gets too warm and jumps off my bed. I'm doing all this as I text message back and forth with B. who can't seem to sleep either. Today Paul at work tells me that he's had that before and said that I just pulled a muscle. I think to myself that that maybe the case since I've been doing lots of tummy crunches. I'm still going on one hour rest. so .... no pics again.. till tomorrow my loves.
**Oh yeah . Dad came back and brought back these cell phones that don't look that bad, though the text messaging style is old school, I'm hoping sound quality will make up for that. I have to get them unlocked before testing them out.

ps. will be filming hopefully so I can post a new vid I got a new microphone and I realized how to get rid of that buzzing sound in my filming. Score.
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