Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Return to Zero

I worked today unexpectedly at home for downtown and then some graphic design work to help Sebastian out who I haven't spoke to since... last year? Any how I caught up with some old friends online. Which was nice. Also ended up going to a last minute meeting with Sundeep picking me up at my house. I don't know why but our meetings always leave me feeling refreshed. Our meetings are never all about business which is nice. It's a realignment of goals. I don't think I could work with anyone else as well as I do with Sundeep who just seems to flowing on the same wavelength as me right now. Our train of thought and views on creativity, positivity and direction are parallel. It's the only reason I want to build and help make Desi Method to become something great.

My new video is up. No high pitch sounds coming from the camera since I synced the new microphone that I got to the comp. How old do I look??? Since I've been getting asked how old I am. And if I'm single. I decided to play this game since my birthday is coming up.

People are asked to put how old they think I look, and guess how old I am turning and a question. if they get the guess right of how old I'm turning. I may answer their question.
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