Saturday, September 05, 2009

Worried About B.

Well through out the day yesterday I was texting back and forth with Brad. Last night he headed up to Whistler to party and got drunk. He stops texting me back around 1am. I believe he maybe got so drunken tired and passed out.

I can't sleep for some odd reason. When I was at my sisters house and as we left around 10 - 10:30pm I was tired and sleepy... but I ended up staying up till 2 - 2:30 am. Even then I had to try to go to sleep. I turn on a movie, the same one that's been in my player. I do my small routine of stomach crunches till I'm tired and I eventually fall asleep.

5:41am in the morning. I get a call from him I pick it up and all I hear from him is "Hey, Hold On." Then a woman comes onto the phone and uses a strict and demanding tone. Her voice was as though she was an upset mother demanding truth (at that moment I thought it was his mother, wondering what exactly is going on until she continued on. ) She asks me if I was with him tonight, I'm half asleep and I make her repeat the question. I respond honestly. "No, I was not." She proceeds to tell me she's calling from Whistler Emergency, that Brad had came in and that he wanted to let me know that he was being transferred to Lions Gate Hospital. My heart sinks. I thank her and she hangs up. I start to worry about Brad, but for some reason I find it very sweet that he wanted to relay this information to me. I text him right after the call to find out if he's alright.

Me being me, I will tell you a little bit about myself. I am the kind of person where if my friend needs me I will try to be there for them. My gut instinct is that I should go to him. Even though me and Brad are not dating or anything. If I had a car and drove. I would. I would be there in a heartbeat. Brad or not Brad if it was any one of my friends, I will be there. That is just me. But my heart aches cause I have to suck it up to the fact that it's 5am in the morning, I'm tired as hell and I can't. I'm so worried. I eventually fall asleep.

There's Dim Sum this morning with Lo family members that just came in from out of town. I better go get ready.
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