Friday, October 30, 2009

Artful Return Part I

This is to announce my artful return to the Chinese fine arts scene in Vancouver. Some Vancouverites may not know me personally who I am by face, but may have perhaps seem some of my artwork. To view artwork you can visit my website: . I will be participating in an upcoming art show and would love for fellow Vancouverites to go check it out when it happens. CCC Center in Chinatown. Nov. 7 - Dec. 6th. If you're looking to purchase a bottle and you're a fellow Vancouverite: visit to find the closest retailer. Those who aren't local and would be interested in purchasing a bottle I will be looking into getting more soon. So I will soon have some in my possession to sell off.
In this video I'm calling out music makers to help me make some beats for my videos. I really am tired of not having any music in my videos and would like to have original beats that I can place into as I edit for intros and background music. I will name and give a shout to whomever is chosen, and would be nice to rotate artists.
I must confess I got twitter and I don't quite get the whole grasp of it yet, but I mainly got it for when I'm in Toronto. My facebook fan page is slowly growing but growing none-the-less. If you like my artwork you can become a fan on facebook . To Follow Me On Twitter :
I am also so glad to see that I'm getting 130+ subscribers on youtube already. I hope the world is falling in love with me, as much as I'm falling in love with it.
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