Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Film, Edit, Meet, Laundry

Yeah I spent most of the day filming and editing and trying to figure how to use imovie. So I can make my video awesomeness! I will most likely have it up by tomorrow night. Friday morning at the earliest. Since I will be working DT tomorrow.
I went to another DM meeting, building a dream and goal.
Came home and chatted a bit with baby-boy Christian about me wanting to hip-hop dance.
I'm reminded of the korean dance crew that I fell in love a couple years ago. I love to dance just never got that into it or pursued it professionally. I dance to work out, that's about it.

How cool is it to find a hip-hop dance girl that has the same name. I LOVE YOU PREPIX!
Watching Hitch. Thinking about Frankie and counting down the days.
I forgot to do laundry...gtg.
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