Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallow Eve

My plan this Halloween was to party as a sexy maid. But you know plans change. I can't really do anything with a 6 and a half months pregnant sister and a cousin who's never done anything Halloween. I'm pretty sure if I did go out and party hardy as a sexy maid, a little someone would be worried sick of what I'm wearing, what I'm doing, who I'm with and where I'm doing all this with my sexy self. So till I can be my sexy self when I'm with that little special someone, I'll chill back this year. Like I have every other Halloween year. On Halloween's EVE. I was pretty busy, just didn't blog about it. LOL. I guess I was living in the moment. I filmed the teaser for my crow stunt. Which means I put on all the gear for it and later that evening I had a pumpkin carving contest at my sisters house with the sister in law and brother in law to be. Peter wins with his Jack Skellington, Lan had her Bowser, Akina had her Pooh, Cousin LX had some kind of vampire Harry Potter (well that's what I thought it was), Me I did a Tokidoki star.

I end up spending the night over at the sisters and just spent the day lounging and watching movies and shows. Eating oven roasted pumpkin seeds, popcorn and making rice crispy squares for the first time for cousin LX who's never had them in her life. I know I'm back to being me when I'm really okay watching romantic movies and wanting to cry in them. The Purposal *I heart Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds* Anyways... I was touched this morning when I find that Frankie baby scores me a sweet tripod for a great price. 27 more days till T.O. 27 days until I see him again in person for the first time in 8-9 years. WOW. Time flies. *text me baby ♥ when you read this in the morning * Goodnight world.
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