Monday, October 12, 2009

I Can't Cook ... I Just Wing It

Here is my first try at cooking... a WHOLE chicken on my own. Yes. Mom's not in Canada, Dad is out for dinner with his friends or what not. I'm at home with my brother and cousin ( whom are both also adults ) and I'm stuck with cooking a whole chicken by myself?! WTF!   #1.  I can't cook. I was never taught, was always shooed out of the kitchen if I ever got too close.  But when I came of age... what... 18? My parents thought I should have known all the wisdom of the chinese culinary cooking arts would just pump out of my blood.  NO... NO it does not.  I may have the instinct of what can taste good with what but cooking it is a whole other different story.  What did I end up doing.  PLEASE... don't laugh.
I defrosted the whole mini chicken in the microwave. Then the frozen chopped mixed veggies, then the slices of ham.  ( My freezer can feed my family for a month - six months if a war were to hit, we are currently trying to clean it out ).  I chop up a big yellow onion. I cut up the ham and mix in a bowl, margarine, ham, veggies, onions. I stuff it up the thawed chickens butt. *giggles*  and last but not least I margine up the chicken as well before shoving it in the oven for an hour.

Outcome? ... NOT bad for my first try... the veggies were great and as for the little bit dried chicken...Worcestershire sauce made it taste ... MmmmMmmmMMMMm
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