Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Hate You Rogers

Okay. Well I called Rogers for 2 reasons.
1) is to find out why the 3gs I ordered 3-4 months ago... NEVER CAME!
2) I'm going to Toronto and taking my cell with me. Do I have to pay extra cause I'm out of the city making calls?

I never got to get the answer to my second question. And I didn't even order the 3gs after talking to them. Apparently they never put in my order which I placed in the same time I changed my plan. Then when I said I want to place an order now, they tell me I have to sign up for +25$/ month for data plan in order to get the 199$ deal for the phone. I can't extend my plan another 3 years and get the phone. I have to sign up. I don't even NEED that data plan cause I'm always around Wi-Fi... does that make any sense to you that they force you to get a plan that you DON'T NEED ?! Now I don't even know if I want to order this phone. I already pay about 60$ / month for my plan. I can't afford to fucking add on another un-needed 25$. Retarded. I said I'd have to think about it and call them back. And by the way I was on the phone with them for 15 minutes + ... I didn't even get to ask them my second question. ROGERS. There's a reason people are really hating you right now. Your service is shit. Your first operator answered and asked the question so fast I thought she was on drugs and she was quick to pass me off. It wouldn't be shit if people did their jobs right in the first place. Your plans are also shit. enough said.
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