Friday, October 09, 2009

Knowing Your Worth

I'm filling out the papers for an up coming art show here in Vancouver which I would like to participate. I've gotten the name picked out for my painting but what I've yet to fill out is the price. What price am I willing to let one of my paintings go at. This painting isn't just any painting, it's one of my best ones. It's one of those ones where it was so good I know my art teacher ( who passed ) was guiding me through it.

Sean wanted me to put this up. so I guess I will just for the hell of it.
"The real die young and the fake die last. Baby who knows how long we will last..."

It's been really hard for me lately to let others know of someone who's come back into my life in the last couple weeks. He stepped back into my life when I was maintaining at "Zero" and let go of the fact of searching for anyone. He comes back into my life and pushed me up to this point where I'm smiling all day. I'm Happy! I'm feeling like this is how I should be feeling all the time. That we should not be any other way. I'm so grateful he's back. His absence was long but maybe during that time was when I needed to grow, to learn, to become the person I am today. More Honest, Wiser, Open ... and daring.

Ahhh Sean, are you also going to convince me to move to T.O. as well???
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