Saturday, October 31, 2009

Summer To Fall To Change

We're half way into Fall and I think back to the Summer. How life can change in an instant. A week, month, year can change your life. One second can change your life. This summer my love life went 360. Upside down, inside out. But I recovered quickly cause it wasn't my first failed relationship. Not the first time I was dumped, not the first time I fell in and out of love. It was however a relationship that made me feel that I would never want anyone else. NEVER say NEVER. It didn't last and now I want better. *better in my own standards of what I'm looking for* . I think now better has found me! My Status changed cause I'm not looking anymore... Cause I think I've found someone I want to be with, I'm just not with them yet. This Summer and Fall was truly seasons of change for me. I learned to take chances. To be receptive to what the world is trying to show me. I'm following what my heart tells me more. It's a great moment in my life. I took the steps I needed to take in my life all around to get where I want to be. Blogging, Youtubing, Facebooking, Twittering is only a part of what I feel I needed and need to do. Following my heart and taking chances to better every part of me is guiding the rest of my life decisions. Lastly what has me SO happy is thought of finally having someone step fully into my life who has always been there, who wants to continue to be a part of my life but take more of a leading roll. FL. Thank You for having that courage to step up. It shows a lot. I can't even express in words what I'm feeling. I'm more motivated, more inspired, more ready.
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