Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank You God!

I'm Thankful, Not Just On Thanksgiving Day... But Everyday ♥ For the Life ... Death ... and everything that is in between. The ones who my life line has cross paths with... the people who were always meant to be there... That's YOU.  I love you... THANK YOU for being in my life.

Thank you for bringing someone back into my life. God. I owe  you one... LOL... I'll just be GREAT from here on out for you. Loving, Caring. Kind, everything at the best of my ability. WAIT... I do this regardless.

My Trippy Dream.I had a dream this morning. My dream was an amalgam weirdness.
I do everything in my power to run away and help the a girl that was being searched for her when she was trying to run away. She left a fake letter, with a fake logo of a fake school, she got away. Later on... they find out... I dreamt that same guys were trying to trap me. I escape from their confinement and travel across the island ( there are so many rich colored woods in this dream ). I stand on the other end... I'm on a floating dock.. I try to get other people's attention, I crash a travel boat full of tourists, but it doesn't help. They are too close into my reach and I strip down and jump into the water that surrounds so much of this dream.  Giant whales come swim towards me, Two of them. They are beautiful. They don't eat me... One swims by me...  another under me and picks me up as they travel along the surface of the water.  They take me away...... and I wake up.
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