Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ups Downs, Round & Round

I wake up and do my email checking routine. I always look forward to this now...because I always get a morning message from Frankie =) This is how I looked this morning before I went out, trust me I was all smiles. But you know it isn't gonna go right when you leave the house on time, still run along the way to catch the bus to only have it.. never show up ( unless it was early.. yeah Public Transit likes to come when it likes ) But no worries. If I miss it going one way, I take the other going the opposite direction. They both lead me to where I need to go anyways. I transfer buses, as I wait.. I close my umbrella and swing it to get all the water on it, off. ( I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person that does this ) However I swung too hard and it just flew off! I mean I was left holding just the handle and that stem that .. oh whatever. I trash it cause the thing was falling apart anyways. Thank God I had left my other umbrella at work the other day *yes I am a smart cookie. =D . I work my butt off today. I met a new guy at work, Mike. Familiar face on that one, Mike from Coquitlam. I head home, before I do I go out and buy a box of Halloween candy, cause Sze *the older brother* wanted some KitKat, he's a chocolate-addict. I go home and am in a fix to get to my room to edit my video of the week some more and publish it. It's dinner time and not soon after, I'm hounded by the men in the family. YES. Every little thing I do at home seems to be placed under a magnified glass. I "should" be the one cooking for everyone, sweeping & moping the floor everyday, washing the dishes, putting them away, cleaning the household, cleaning up after everyone else, doing everyone's laundry, making the house look fantastic. And I should just do it when told by the men of the household without question or complaining. Cause my dad's says... He's trying to train me to be the "perfect house wife". Yes he said that to me. If I don't step up to the plate and do this and change the attitude *which he believes I have* that I'm going to be a fucking loser for the rest of my life. In all honesty, I've barely had time to take care of me and I have to step up to the plate to take care of everyone else in the family? I was selfish in the last three years. But I was in school and I just started to make income for myself. Is it that bad for me to focus on me once and a while? .. enough of that.. just let go. I wash the dishes. I put them away. I head to my room to finish editing my video of the week *while all upset with the bickering about ME* I got the new video up. =) something accomplished today. I log on to my facebook at the end of my day today to find a message from Frankie on my wall, left there from this morning. *smiles* he's so sweet.

Yesterday: Yesterday was... a good day, like baby would say. Every morning to say that. But yesterday I felt it. I finished my work early, so I had a half day. I walked down to Pacific Centre from work. I stop by HSBC building to check out the photography exhibit they have going on there currently. It was really beautiful. Photographs taken by people who make less than 1000$/month in income, who took photos with just the point and shoots film disposable cameras. They turned out really beautiful. Hope, was the topic of the show. photos of hope in the downtown east side community. There was one I was looking at and it make me think of Frankie. I thought to myself, he should stop once and while, though I know at work he's all rush rush rush. He has to pause once a while to feel it, even if it is for a second, in that chaos, there is beauty there. That there, he may be able to feel more alive than he realizes. *smiles to myself* Maybe I'm just talking nonsense. I head over the Pacific Center to do some luggage shopping. I need one for my trip to Toronto. I don't know if I should borrow from my parents because, I really don't feel the need to always seek help from them. I never have been one to ask for a lot from them. Look at what I found. Isn't that panda shirt awesome, i didn't get it. I want to really start spending smart. I fight shopping temptations now. I'm going throw in some random shots in here too.. okay?! haha okay

Well I hit up Metro, and Surrey Place Mall in my incredible search. I found that Winners is a winner! hahaha Best deals. Even though sears was having a sale. Did you see that photo I took. Of the new slogan I believe for BC? Super, Natural, British Columbia?! are you kidding me. Who came up with that? SUPER!?! .. really. Have they not thought that it would sound and look like they are saying it's .. supernatural? BC, is just full of ghosts.. no.. we're just SUPER natural. *sigh*
I met up with RanRan for a late belated birthday dinner. I get fish and chips, she gets a salad. she got me perfume that ... kinda suits me...very sweet smelling. LOL. I love it. We chatted and caught up. She shares with me her concerns of perhaps too soon. I stayed up thinking too of what she said and re-evaluating how I feel about it all. Really, I've never felt anything more natural, so much so that it just clicks. Of course everything takes time.
The packaging for that Wee Wee the Funny Guy is hilarious. I've been wanting to blog that for a while. The package designer for that one must have had a blast. And that spider I took a pic of, is by far the largest I've seen here in Canada. HUGE, wait.. maybe not. There was this one time when I lived in a basement, I was with my sister and I'm pretty sure that spider we saw was a tarantula that disappeared in the washroom. We were scared to pee in there for days.... DAYS!
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