Friday, October 09, 2009

Working Away

I did a number of things today. Finishing of my Quebec clients work. Designing their new Christmas Card for this year. I had a great time designing it, but slacked back as I took my time in between taking a bunch of breaks. Emailing friends and chatting it up with people. Chris* ( god bro ) negativity is overflowing. Maintaining at Zero is one thing he needs to learn. To let go. To realize that the world is more than meets the eye and that you'll be the better person for it when you live to better the lives of everyone, instead of the hurtfulness that may linger in your heart right now. Don't keep it in, don't dwell upon it. Let it go. If you don't, it will poison your soul. You'll hate more than just the people that you do loath right now. You'll slowly start hating yourself. You never want to do that. Love yourself for everything you are. You'll open up more to a lot more things. You're living your life with your eyes half shut and take it as it is. When you're ready to grow and really open up and surrender yourself to these experiences, you're going to see not how it is, but how it can be. Only then you'll be better for it. I'm the kind of person that see things for what they can be, not how they are.

Mr. CC's scratching bugged me out and so I had to give him a bath. This time I put that remedy stuff on him so the fleas don't like him anymore. He seems to be very worried about me. Following me. I know he's loves me, but having to sleep with the light on just sucks now. I'm going to turn it off anyways. Goodnight Blog.

I can't wait till the morning. <3
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