Saturday, November 07, 2009

Artful Return Part 2

I was all nervous this morning about my artful return. Making my way down to the art show with cousin LX was a rough journey. I realized that I'm not really a tall heels person. So if I want sexy heals they better be very comfortable. I had to run to a pharmasave on the way there to get a lint brush roller cause I was covered in dog hair without realizing it when I left the house. I was lint brushing myself with the help of cousin LX at the bus stop. Really it was pretty entertaining to look at if you were paying attention. The skytrain was filled with people, the most that I've seen on a weekend. During this ride my feet were killing me and I only got a chance to sit down for a moment before I gave my seat up to a grandma and grandpa couple. It was only the last 1/3rd of our trip that I get to sit down. But I get to the show. And the rest is up for you to see.

Yes I received an honorable mention award. =) Thank you CCAF and CCC.

This is just a picture of me fooling around with my painting. =)

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