Friday, November 06, 2009

Awake So Early

I went to sleep early and woke up so early. 4am!
Well today is Frankie baby's laser eye surgery day. I wish I was there to be with him and see him through this. It has to be a bit nerve wrecking. The days are counting down as I get closer to my trip to Toronto. I'm excited, nervous, anxious. =) In my heart I know it's going to be great. Somethings you just feel it.

I'm also excited about tomorrow. Am I really going to get an award? Did my painting really get one of the best of show? mmm... I think to myself, the painting is about 2-3 years old. If I painted one now, how much more awesome can I paint? ... *smiles* ... the more I continue to paint, I wonder at what point am I considered a master of the art. I guess when you're so good that you paint things by heart, no images, no references. I can't even do that yet. Some things I can but there are some that I paint and I just want to get it as realistic as possible. As I paint it in the Chinese style. I put up my Koi painting that was submitted into the art show for 5,000$ Canadian. I hear my dad is a bit upset by me even placing it up for sale. I found out it's his favorite. The truth is, I need to make some money. Fine arts is not a cheap career and neither is graphic arts. My dad has to realize that was the first attempt of a Koi painting done of that size. I've grown, I know I can do better, so there is nothing to really be sad about. It turns out my sister had secretly claimed the same painting as well and was shocked to find it gone off the walls of my house when she came by the other day. LOL. Her face was priceless.

WTF moment of yesterday: A little after dinner there's a burning smell. My dad tells me to track it down. I do. It was coming from the microwave. MOM had stuck something in there, she doesn't even know how long she set the timer for. It burned and may have almost burned the house down. The microwave was super hot. I thought it was something on top of the microwave that was starting to burn. There was still 5mins on the timer when I stopped it but opening the microwave door.

Thinking about Toronto: There are so many things that I want to experience with Frankie. =) Not only sight seeing with him but I want to make him breakfast *pancakes? waffles?*, bake cookies with him, bake him banana bread. Make him noodles. Cook dinner together. Grocery shop together and so much more. I feel like there's so much time in our lives to experience more together, yet so little. *sigh* =( I'm going to be there for ... 12 days and he's back in town for 6 . We have 18 days together. I want to make the most of that time together. I really do. *UGH* *smiles* It always brightens up my day when I think back to that night he said he wanted to treated me out to eat ice cream in Cantonese. *ugh* SO CUTE >_< !

It's 5am, I'm gonna work out a bit in bed *stomach crunches* and get some more shut eye before I have to get ready for work. bye bye bye.
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