Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Good Feeling Today

Even though I was running late this morning I had that it was a good day feeling. I did however wake up to find my phone that was plugged into my comp to charge had shut off during the night / morning. I woke up wondering why my alarm didn't wake me and why I woke up myself. I reached for my phone and it was off. I turned it on to find it was almost seven. I quickly open up the laptop to check my messages and found no emails. I thought to myself =( *baby must still be upset* . Last night when me and him said our goodbyes, I thought to myself, we are alike in that sense. When someone upsets me greatly. I'll have a vent moment but I'll have a long moment of time where I'll be very quiet. VERY PISSED. My mind will be raging because whatever whomever had just offended me was unjustified to do so. I keep a lot of anger in for a number of reasons. I don't feel the rest of the world needs more negativity spewing from me. You won't only not hear a word from me when I'm mad, you'll feel it. I would still in a sense try to keep it to myself. I vent to relieve and get it out of my system.
I head to work. At the station i do my routine of picking up a 24 hours . I read the news, my horoscope, and attempt the crossword that on some days that is a hit and a miss. I come across an article that makes me think of Chris *my god brother*. I feel that the negativity of his past relationships have left him with an uncertain thought about and towards girls. I hope this article helps him. *attaching the article link here called "YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH"* Since I had let the boss know I was running late, I ran into a store to grab some snacks to keep me going during the day. The lady asks me if I have my aeroplan card. I don't, the last time I remember the X had it in his possession. I remember that I'm only 4,000 points away from a trip. So after I head into the office I text the X to search if he still has it in his possession. I haven't been eating proper lunches the last two days. I worked through the day and didn't really take a lunch break. I guess it was to make up for the lateness of me. But I finished two trade show booth designs and was working on starting to redesign for a coffee shop franchise website. This upcoming project is going to be huge. I think I'm going to be tied up working downtown for a while, this and upcoming weeks. I thought today as I was working, how I could cheer up Frankie baby. I ask my sister for advice of how she cheers up her fiancee. She says with lots of hugs and kisses. Well I obviously can't do that. I though I should video myself shaking my butt and dancing to a compilation of awesome songs. You know, what I usually dance like as I goof off working out. Like... *singing* I like big butts and I cannot lie! You other brothers can't deny when a girl walks buy with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get... *mcHammer* uhhohhh uhhhoohh uhhhohh.. uhhohhh uhhhoohh uhhhohh.. *Vanilla Ice* Ice Ice Baby... LOL... Yes I would have done it! Just to cheer my baby up. *thinking* I should do it I think it would be hilarious just to have a fun video up that a friend can play at anytime to have a good laugh. Whenever they are angry, sad, upset. I go onto plan two as I head home. I went in search for the Hoodie he wants to get. I hit up PC again, I know I hit it up yesterday, but I went back to check the racks. All M,L,XL. I didn't even find the girls version in white. I thought to myself since I will be working the next couple of days I should hit up Metro. I go and walk around a bit, text my sister to see if she'd be interested in coming and helping me search. I look around as I wait for her to make her way to the mall. I walk into Zara again and check out the long jackets. Contemplating if I should just buy one before I get to Toronto, would I even need to buy one? I mean I thought I've built my wardrobe to the extent that I don't really need to spend all that much money towards it anymore. I have what I can live off of for now. Thought I find myself looking at more lingerie. Can a girl have too many underwear and bras? Nice fancy sexy self feel good lingerie? I think to myself. I think girls buy it more for themselves then for Men. I mean I bought my first lingerie set during my split. to make myself feel good, wanted, sexy. I text Frankie baby that I'm on an incredible search for his hoody only to have him reply back to let me know he's ordered it online! I was so hoping to find the hoody for him today and surprise him if I did. I walk around metro with lan and we chat a bit about this and that as I shopped at Old Navy, I got a short v-neck T-shirt and long sleeve one. Went to go look at some puppies and went into some cute shops. I come home to have dad quickly tell me that he ran into the artist who runs the CCC Federation and says to me that I can't miss the opening of the art show this Saturday. My artwork has been chosen as one of the best entered? I won't know if this is true until the opening day. Is my return to the art scene a missed one? Is this going to be a really great artful return this year. I hope so. Frankie baby tells me as I get home that his problem at work has been resolved, that they caved cause well, he's good that way! LOL > he's a fighter =) we say our good nights and he thanks me. for trying to look for his hoody for him. Mmmm. I really don't know why he thanked me. I mean, I see what he does for me and I'm so thankful. To me it's like it's the least I can do to try to make him happy if I were to find it for him. To make him smile cause I really do like him. *sigh* I wonder to myself why I feel so different about him. Why my cheeks get warm at the thought of him sometimes and I have to bring my cold hands to my face to cool them down. I'm grateful to the series of events that somehow led our paths to cross again in this journey of life. I know God loves me. *SMILES*
I check up on youtube as i get home today to surprisingly find I've had 5 additional new subscribers. =)

I read a quote today from the 24 hours newspaper and loved it.
If you design your life properly you end up with a work of art_ 24hours_miki.
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