Thursday, November 12, 2009

Laughs and Heart Warming

Anyways this morning I ate a fruit cup and left for work. On the train I start doing the crossword. mmm where is that thing I was doing really well today! *minutes pass* okay I'm stuck.  Well work was... how you say... interesting. Polishing up a trade show booth design and working on a website design. On my lunch break I snacked on a ice cream cone and read Hugh's facebook notes. What he calls his "Confessions of an Innocent Japanese School Boy" I was laughing at them as I was reading. Trying not to laugh out loud. Giggling, my boss comes over and asks if I'm alright. Apparently he thought I was crying.  FL calls me as I'm working to ask me what seat I would like on my flight over to Toronto, since he was on the phone with the airline. I'm an isle person, considering I go pee a lot cause I'm a small person with a small bladder. But I thought it was very sweet for him to call me and ask me for my opinion. His consideration for me makes me fall even more. Time's flying by and it's only a matter of time till I'm on my way there. I'm SO excited.
I headed on over to Chapters after work and picked up an issue of Applies Arts. Annual design awards issue. I looked to the Communication arts but it was a photography issue and I was debating if I wanted to spend 50$ or so on both magazines. I opted only to get the Applied arts. I need some design inspiration for the project I'm currently working on at work. Now lets see what the world of design has come up with that was so award winning.
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