Sunday, November 15, 2009

Planning Ahead

Well I did a number of things this morning that involves me looking ahead. What I need to do, what I need to get and what will be in store. I ordered more contacts cause I find myself running low. I love my colored contacts, well because I've only been wearing them the last year or so. This time I ordered more Grey and Blue, I've never tried blue and the odds of that color standing out with my eyes are probably slim. I cleaned up my room a bit more. Placing bags that are filled with things that are needed to return to my sister up into my closet. My luggage is currently being partly packed for Toronto. Yes. Early to pack, but I'm eager about my trip. I did all my laundry, chat a bit with FL. I feel so different when I think about him, how he treats me. Maybe because he is different than any of the guys I've been with before. There is something about him that makes me smile, the little things that mean so much. *smiles* . The motivation I feel to be better, to be me and just me, to be comfortable with just life.

Tonight I watched Bedtime stories. That movie is so inspirational, I love Adam Sandler movies. Though some are a little dumb. I personally love 50 first dates, I love the combination of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The wedding singer ♥ was perhaps what made me fall for the onscreen couple. Giving a little ray of hope that love stories exist and can happen. I still believe in it. I hope to tell my future kids one day the interesting love story of how and what came to be between me and their father. Hopefully. A girl can only dream to find love like that. My dreams however all become some kind of goal for me in life so I may strive to achieve them. I added two more items to my 100 goals in life extending it to 102.

101. Visit Whistler, Canada. ( reminded and added through Chew )
102. Run in a Charity Run / Marathon. ( I thought I love running, might as well run for something worth wild )
List of Goals < UPDATED

Tomorrow, is bowling in the morning, shopping and a meeting later on in the day. I hope my adventures tomorrow will lead to lots of laughs, memories and great videos. ♥
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