Friday, January 22, 2010

Comedy Show & Ice Hockey

The day seemed to go by so quickly, where there was just work. Going on and on and on. I'm worried by lunch time, a symptom is back and I don't know how to tell anyone. It's one that is easily hidden. Just as long as I still have my color. I have to silently wait for the test results to come back before anything is sure. I try not to cry as I reapplied my makeup before I head out to meet up with a new friend Ryan. I had arranged to meet Ryan for some time since he contacted me from finding my contact from Youtube. He saw something and had to contact me to meet me. We decided to make it a fun night out of we were to and decided to get tickets for a comedy show. We meet up at the Keg for dinner. I get the honey garlic chicken and ribs. MMmM. I broke diet and I don't care! We then walked over to Lafflines to watch Michael Winslow from Police Academy. The show was cool, I got an autograph photo and a pic to go with it. It was great meeting Ryan, he seemed to have a certain passion about what he does. Passion that seems lacking in a lot of people these days.

I end the night going to watch a friend's ice hockey game ( drop in ), I hadn't been to Richmond Ice Centre in YEARS. It sure did bring back a lot of memories.
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