Monday, September 27, 2010

Be Limitless

Be Limitless
I appreciate a lot more now than I did before. I have an upcoming meeting this tuesday and to be honest I'm nervous. A day before my birthday. Mmm my dreams are growing larger before me. My heart feels like - endless love coming and going. A part of me wants so much to expand my emotions and turn from the ugly emotions of this world. I should always look at the brighter side of things even though my libra side of me will always make me look at both sides of the spectrum. I should always want nothing but the best for everyone. Why? If I wish I'll will, it makes my heart sink. Makes me genuinely feel like an awful person. Speak well, Dan well. Forget what needs to be forgotten, remember the best of times, learn from the worst of times. Move forward, not backwards in life. Know evil, but not preach it. Seek to guide as you seek guidance. Don't believe you're as wise as you could be - because there's always someone out there that knows something you don't. Perfect your art - remember that a master was once a student. Believe in love. Smile when you feel it, but never fear it. If you fear love, you will regret the moment you regret to jump. If you deny the right for yourself to be happy - and to make someone just as happy - you're fooling yourself. Be selfish - you cannot please everyone, Not everyone will ever be happy with your decisions in life but the only one that should be is you. Be smart in your actions and words. Speak up - in a world that's lost it's words and emotional expression. There are those that open up - that link themselves with the world socially and do it so easily. There are those that continue to believe it is more wiser to stay quiet. If you don't speak- no one hears you. No one will know your thoughts - no one will truly know you at all. Don't say what you'll do if you are not going to do as you say. Words are only words - action shows more than you think. Action does speak louder than words. Be honest - not just with everyone around you- but you. So many of us lie to ourselves - it keeps us blinded because we want to be comfortable at all times in our lives. Saying everything is alright when they aren't. Let yourself be uncomfortable. Something happens when when we get comfortable in life. A lot of people stop trying. They stop doing things to keep things interesting and new and fun. Break from the routine. A routine is what builds the comfortable thing. So plan to do something different every week.

My weeks been one filled with people and family and friends. My Birthday is coming up and I really don't know what I really want. I guess there isn't much I really want. Besides moving out. There isn't anything in particular I am wanting from anyone be cause I'm always working towards all the things I do want. I have learned to spoil myself - now in doing so. My bf has learned in the process I may even spoil him. He may not be used to it. But hey. Wow. My current focus right now is.. How much more can I accomplish these last few days of 26th year of my life. My friends say 27 is prime. So many good things has happened to those who are now in it. It starts off crazy and runs for most the year. Then I think. My 26th year has been crazy. Went from really sick to ok again and right now lately been feeling off and on sick again. I'm not particularly stressed about anything. My eating habits have been alright. I guess I need more veggies. Maybe I have to start really stopping the rice intake and maybe bread intake. Maybe my boss is right. I maybe allergic to gluten / wheat stuff. I've been eating a bit more rice and bread this last two weeks and my skin breaks out a little and I don't feel all that well either from it. Maybe I'll go on a veggie diet when I'm at work. Ry - did something today which was super sweet. Dinner was rice and spicy chicken wings. He confesses to me he rinsed the hot wing chicken for me. Why? Cause I'm not one to take hot food very well, my spicy level intake is low and he also took in consideration of my stomach issues. My babes seems to know how to melt my heart with little things he does.

My stomach hurts. I should sleep. I have work tomorrow. :( I don't want to go to work. I just want to lay in bed and lounge and snuggle up to my boo.

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