Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brighter Than The Last

Another day and for some reason today seems Brighter than the last, not just weather wise, but emotionally. I didn't sleep till late last night, setting up the perfected wiring of the earrings that I've been making. Baby pink, blue and purple are my colors so far. The pair I'm wearing today is a tester with beading to weigh down these super light earrings. I kept losing my original pair- but always found the other like ... Well fate. Anyways. As I stood there waiting for the sky train this morning I figured out my birthday wish. Hmmm ... I don't particularly believe in .. If I tell people, it won't come true. So here it is.

I wish for you to be happy, loved and cared for. Not just for tomorrow, or the day after, but for the rest of your life. You. Because you are / were / still some one I once / currently love. You are still in the spectrum of my thoughts, thus still in the realm of my heart and love. Though I have not been able to give you as much as I wish I did. Happiness, joy - love. I hope for years to come, in some way I do. Whether it be in an action, a word, a phrase or even a memory of me. Even if it's not from me, I hope you feel it - Loved. I can wish for nothing more than for that. For you to be happy, because when you are - then I am as well.

Why have I chosen to wish this for my birthday. Well, I may choose to be even more selfish this upcoming year. These words may become lost through my actions. But my thoughts will always be there. The love. But the love of me will be even greater. The degree of love for all around me won't falter, but the bar for myself will be pushed. I think about all the energy I've given to others only to question where the equivalent of it can go. To where it should be. I can't bother with if other people are happy. I can only pray they are. I have to pursue mine. I know like the last... I have this gut feeling that this 27th year will be life altering like the last. It's been a crazy year. I hope for even more, cause I'm more game. I can't ask more from others, only me. Let's walk through time together even more. Let's make history.
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