Monday, September 13, 2010

Go Go Go Morning

You know those mornings where you just wake up and just go - go - go? Well I had one of those this morning. I spoke to cousin Jonny the other night. It was nice to chat and see what's going on with the Lee's. When I was cousin Bruce's house, I was talking about movIng out in the near future. He suggested that perhaps I look into asking uncle Hon about renting out the basement. Man I would love to live there and steal Rocky for runs. Aww I miss Rocky :( . But I know it would be awkward if I did. I know uncle Hon and fa would invite me up if there was a family get together held at their house. Cousin Jonny said it would be cool to have someone he knew living downstairs. Lol- I think my door would be open to him any time he needs to rant. Wait ... Maybe not all the time. He'd have to text me first. Hahaha.
Man - I got a new beat from Sundeep yesterday and it's so mad crazy!! I love it. He keeps getting better and better. I feel like I have to step up my game.
I've had a few ideas for sketches and art work lately. But I guess my fear is flushing it out. Mmm I had a weekend of babies and I kinda miss them :( . Sis told me their house is now up for sale. I wonder where she's goIng to relocate. I hope it's easy to get to. Damn I better get I license soon.
I've been trying to push my body to stand the irritable back pain I have. I stretch it out. It's not as bad as before. Indont know if it's a muscle or a joint pain. It's not pain pain anymore just... Annoying slight .. Ok it's pain. But with me.. I have a high tolerance for pain. I think it will get better the more I work it out and stretch it out.

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