Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot and Sweet Please

Hot and Sweet Please
Monday. After work. My bf comes and picks me up from work to chauffeur me home. I hearts him . >_< omg. Anyways. During our drive home we went to go pick up something. I'll tell you one great thing about my guy is that he's super considerate. I noted I had to go pee. And he asks if I can hold it or we find the closest gas station. Why on earth would I find this considerate? I'm just used to the, too bad so sad answer where it would lead me to having to hold it in and almost bust a bladder. Anyways my guy's super sweet to stop at the nearest station for me. I head home to drop my stuff off and my guy drops me off at a Starbucks where I'm meeting up with a friend I haven't seen in ages.
I see mr. Jeremy - he was a funny guy in school. Ugh loved his personality. Underneath it - smarts. Never discount people. The smart ones never show how smart they really are until you start to notice them. - let's continue. I go in and have the hardest time deciding. I'm usually a cold drinks drinker. But since I was feeling a bit cold. I thought that a hot drink would be best. DJ walks in just as I'm staring at the menu. I get lost in the thought. Since I'm not a big hot drink drinker- I have no clue what's good and what's not. I let DJ decide. Hot and Sweet please. :)
DJ - what can I say about DJ. DJ to me was never really close in high school. He's the good looking halfer guy who was / is the best friend of one of my high school ex's. We never had a lot of classes together till our senior year. Seems like a series of them actually now I think about it. History, English, french, entrepreneurship, Mmm what else I can't remember. We've sat and chatted before, but never sat and chatted like we did now. See there was probably one intriguing thing about DJ to me. I don't know what it is. I know him, but not that well. It's that... Something more than meets the eye. A part of me has this gut feeling that what I pursue with our paths crossed is meant to be. I dreamt of him once vaguely, and perhaps the series of events that happens from here on out may just lead to the out come of the dream. Maybe a part of me is wanting to see if my dream does all of a sudden Dejavu and happens. Oh it's nothing big really. There's always been a number of people that have secretly drawn an unknown attraction with me. This is not a sexual one. One of those things where a part of you takes note of someone, like in your gut- you should remember them, know them, at least try to befriend them. Surprisingly DJ was one of these people, the other ones are actually in my close social circle now as well. It's very strange, maybe I should have walked up to them and befriended these people years ago on gut feeling, lol, I really don't know where we would be if I had. DJ and i's conversation sparked a few thoughts, reminders, even new ideas. My gut feeling tells me I need a vacation, solo if possible. I need to move out. ( a part of me wants to be able to do this in / within 6 months ) . It really is hard to be creative in an environment that is engulfed and controlled by a person than unknowingly stabs you with his words that cuts like a knife. More importantly. I need to be doing. To even - say I am.
Just today I had a last minute meeting with Sundeep. Not only him but his brother, and Mali. Sundeep tells me that he wouldn't mind making the song which I wrote for his beats - my track. Now I have to practice and practice and I'll be heading into the studio anytime in the following weeks. I always knew this day would come, just never expected it to be so soon. Doesn't mean I'll back down. Everyone has to move forward if I want to reach thei goals.
Tomorrow i have another meet up with a friend. Vik- photoshoot. Can't wait.

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