Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Hate Assumptions

I Hate Assumptions
Well I was working away at my desk when the fed-ex guy that works my building comes in. I get creeped put by this guy. He's always trying to make small talk. I like ups guy better. He always seems so happy and makes the effort to actually learn my name. Anyways. Fed-ex guy asks, "are you winning?" I thought he said, "are you Winnie?" I was a bit confused. And I said, "I'm not Winnie", then he repeated himself. I said, "oh, I'm not playing games." a bit annoyed at the assumption that I was when he said he couldn't see what's on my monitor. I was working, I ended up transferring almost all the content from a current website to our newly designed site for a client of ours by the end of today- and that only took half the day.
I'm on my way to a meeting and I wonder as I take my time if I'd be early.
Well I met with the manager of a Starbucks. To see about getting art up in their store. I think personally I have to focus on producing artwork. I can't hang anything if I don't have the art. But the truth is lately my heart feels warm, the flame of inspiration seems to be returning as also envision paintings in my head. I have missed this feeling. You know when your skin crawls? Well this ... What I'll call hunger... Can be felt in the flesh. The energy you feel when something big is going to happen. This is my life. I should be making it as big as I'd like it to be.
I find it a bit strange when I show up on twitter lists... As someone who's trying to make it...or as one someone would like to meet. Lol . I still feel like my bubble only in habits the space around my by an arms length. I am no one still. No matter how successful others may perceive me to be. Success is only defined by the one who's striving for their own definition and establishment of success.

B- texts me last night in as I'm out with the boys. They sure did have fun in the Escalade. I call him as I get home to check on the situation he's having. It's not one I can really aide him with. Sometimes we all realize what who it is we should be surrounding ourselves with. And sometimes the choice of solitude can save yourself. Quality over quantity. There's a reason they made that saying up.
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