Friday, September 03, 2010

I Have A Secret Goal

I have a goal... But I won't tell you. Apparently people who announce their goals are less likely to follow through.... Elaborate later.. Sleep now

Ok. It's 8am and I'm on my way to work. Here is the gist of it. If you talk about your goals it will in your mind set feel like it's already accomplished and you'll fall through on it. I kind of think this is bs. I mean I say my goals... I follow through because I always keep my word. Maybe the rest of the people in this study are part of that population that does not do what they say... Only says what they'll do but are full of shit. I put my goals out there to remind myself I already said I'd do it. No takies backies kind of deal. I do have a secret goal, but the success of this goal cannot be achieved on my own. Time will tell if it comes true. More like a hope my life goes well and according to the fates that be.
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