Thursday, September 02, 2010

One Year Better Than The Next

I guess everyone should look at life from this perspective. That next year will ultimately be better than the last. Me and Ry had a informative talk last night. He's obviously one of those guys that are in the mind set that he has to be able to hold his own and be able to provide. I think that kind of mind set is hard to come by these days [ believe it or not, or I've just dated a lot of loser ass holes .. anyways... ] I maybe just used to the fact of always being reminded in the past that I can't rely on that factor and in turn I've become over the years independent and building somewhat of a strong foundation for myself. [ I guess the truth of the matter is that the thought that - that someone will not always be there - the one that says they always will. Knowing I can't always fall back on that thought - that they will be there. ] Is it all that weird to have a girlfriend who's willing to say... Look - I'm here, not really asking for much unless you want more. I'm trying to build my life, as you are trying to build yours. It would be nice to even build a life together ... but that's a big step... I'm getting myself set and ready and I'll let you know when I am ... and I hope when you feel like you're ready... you'll let me know. I want to be able to take care of you just as much as I know you want to be able to take care of me.

Maybe I'm just one of those people when in a relationship that you're able to see a future with someone. It's either all or nothing. When it's all... it's I want to be able to provide in the sense of feeding, clothing, housing, and what not.. give time to emotional, mental, physical, financial support if / when it's needed. If you're not able to sacrifice time or effort for any of these things and support the person you're with... how are you loving them at all? If you're giving nothing - it's not really a real relationship - you're just wasting time.

My foundation is getting there, next year will clearly be stronger than this year. Have to be smarter, wiser, more open to everyone around me.
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