Sunday, September 13, 2009

Afternoon At Barnet Beach

Alright, my day started I don't know when. Me waking up to a text message, or me text messaging someone as I wake up. What happened first I can't really say but I know I spent sometime of the morning animating some more of Panda Zay ( Sze ) haven't decided what to call it yet. Then I get a message from Lan on going to Barnet. I thought she was going to do her whole bbq and picnic thing. No.. it was just pics at the beach. Chilling in the sun. Well, one of my goals on my list for the summer is crossed. Being stupid me didn't eat in the morning and ended up starving, but being in the moment really curved the craving.

We sat in the sun, threw the ball around for Joey Dog, got some great family moment pics and as usual did a jumping pic pose cause I always wanted to. I also did yoga on the beach. Hit Cousin LX with a rock. Oh yeah my beach mat that I used for the first time today broke! what the eef is up with that?!

FYI: why do my clothes look so loose? cause they are! since loosing 15 pounds in one month, my clothes don't fit properly! my belt with the holes...had to punch a new hole. pants are loose T-shirts are loose. EVERYTHING. except for panties and bra's.

We headed home to Big Sis' place after 3 and made some dinner and watched movies and television. I started to feel sick this evening and still kinda am. A small headache is coming back in. My face looks flushed, even with a tan. I'm feeling a bit feverish ( WARM ) I feel like I'm sweating but I'm not. After talking to B. I'm starting to wonder, am I THAT forgetful? So forgetful that I don't even know it.
I usually remember visual conversations, because they are visuals, they are something I need to see and read. But these days my audio attention span isn't helping me focus. It's hard for me to admit this, but I find it hard to focus on conversations more and more these days. I'll be watching something and someone would be speaking to me, I will only catch the last half of what they are trying to say. I'm not trying to be rude. It's not that I'm not paying attention. I'm trying to, I really am, I hear them and at the same time I don't hear them like my brain chooses only to zone into what they have to say only to have it feels like it's too late. My heart literally drops when this happens. Sometimes I shake it off. Am I loosing my mind? Is this another symptom I have to worry about now? Or does this happen to everyone? Am I in worse condition than I thought?

I'll need to focus harder now. Before I loose my sanity, my heart, my soul.

p.s. thanks future brother in law for the great pics.
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