Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Final Destination Marathon

Me and My Cousin LX, held a Final Destination Marathon. Watching them all in a row one by one. I was more freaked out than she was cause I've only seen the first two ( which I forgot what they were about ) but I was scared cause, unlike the Saw series, Final Destination is Death killing you. It's an entity you can't really fight. But in Saw those are set up "traps" and killing people to change the way they chose to live. I was all wrapped up in my brown thin blanket, looking and feeling like a monk. Freaking out at the deaths and how gross they were. Wishing I had someone to cuddle up with while watching this.
Texting and chatting with Brad was entertaining though, I think he ended up passing out from being drunk.

Our Marathon just ended, and it's time for sleep.
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