Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 26th Birthday =)

I filmed this this morning after a lecture from my dad saying that I have to sort my life out. That I should as a woman take care of the house hold and chores ( you know the traditional way of thinking ) and still hold down my job and paint and do all that JAZZ. Anyways. I took a shower, refreshed myself and know what I'm working on. As for him he has no clues of my goals, my dreams, my online adventures. I haven't even told him of my health issue and concern and have decided to do so after a full check up. Enough about that. I re-collected myself and filmed away with Cousin LX at my side falling a sleep. She's a weakling when it comes to the game of *deep action voice* NO SLEEP and FUNCTION..LOL.

Sze* The bro, just came in to my room and gave me the first Birthday Present of this year.

But today is going to be a chill and fun day. But right now I gotta do laundry and mop the floor before heading out for my DAY OUT. =)
*addition added : 12:00am*
As I get ready to go out, I'm trying out pants and to my surprise I fit my old pair of favorite Ecko Red Jeans and I look more fabulous in them than before.I headed out to Metro with Cousin LX. We hit up Futureshop so I exchange the microphone I bought from there for a new one cause the last one ended up starting to rattle when I shake it cause something came loose. It was an awesome Mic so I just exchanged it. Did some little errand and went to Silver City to watch a movie. We ended up watching something light... different_ The Informant. I was thinking of Inglorious Bastards but didn't feel like blood and stuff today. We ate some chicken strips there and got our free popcorn and drinks. Watched the movie and made our way home after that. Everyone told me it was raining heavily today, so I carried an umbrella the whole day with me without even having to use it. Fantastic.

Oh here is a pin I got for donating 2 dollars to a charity at the Theaters when I purchased the tickets. I'm very thoughtful ... giving on my birthday...hey what can I say...I believe in karma. My dad also gives me a small gift he got that I thought was cool when I saw it. Chromed chop sticks...aluminum? stainless steel? I really don't know but its good that I can twist it apart put it in a carrying case and place it in my purse to go.

Late night rolls around and Chris* ( Godbro ) and two of his friend come to get me for late night dinner. On our way to Denny's their playing around in the car with their special little hooked up system of imitating T-Pains voice on auto-tune. We stop at a red light and randomly hear from the next car... "You've been deep throating all month..." was it month.. or week??? I can't remember one of those two. How weird is that to hear when you're sitting in a car with three other guys. Anyhow we get the Denny's and get 2 of our 4 meals taken off our bill cause two of us share the same Birthday. We get a server who is super nice and awesome. They even sang us Happy Birthday to me and Chris, but of course they couldn't pronounce my name... and I got SNAY at one point... Nothing but laughs tonight. It was all good. me and my three little hamburgers and onion rings and ice tea. a little iphone club. meeting new friends. chatting it up late night till 11:00-ish before heading home.

It's this weird this feeling I have ... am I at Zero? is this what pure unknown happiness is. I feel loved without a lover, I smile at simple thoughts of nothing. That feeling that everything is going to be OK. I'm where I was always meant to be, where I'm going should be in the hands of God and that I should trust him cause he will show me the signs. I just have to keep my eyes open. Then and only then I will feel it's right and I will See, Think and Do.
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