Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heart Break Cause I Miss You

I realized it hurts more to miss someone when they are still alive then when they've passed. You want to see them, cause you care for them. You want to love them cause they will always be loved in your heart. Most importantly while you still can cause you're both still here. When I checked facebook this morning at work, I could not hold my tears in when I read a message from Steph ( X's Cousin ). How she felt and thought about me. How and what Gage said when she explained to them the break up ( in little people terms ). I've watched two of her babies grow since birth. Her's were not the only ones but baby Sabrina as well. After 8.5 years with Trev, how can I not slowly adopt his family as my own, since I only have a handful of immediate family here. I miss them, I truly did fall in love with them.

This coming January. My immediate family is growing, I'm becoming an aunt soon =)
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