Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Panda Zay

Well there was this animation I did way back when near the end of school when I was in the Art Institute of Vancouver. Well it's sad to say that I have no idea where that file went. I think it was corrupted and lost when my hard drive gave out back then. But now I'm re-recording and re-animating to share with the world this time. Panda Zay. The animation is in the re-works and I hope that I get to upload it soon. But till then I'll be watching some series, making friends all around the world and falling in love with it all.

Went out to Michael's Craft store with God Brother Chris to get supplies for Gary ( His Panda that seems to have been mauled by a dog. ) Apparently his older brother had beaten it up some time ago. I'll be fixing him up for him. This Surgery will be filmed for owners private viewing. LOL. We had dinner at Hon's which was delicious.
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