Friday, September 25, 2009

What?? 115lbs?!

I had the best sleep I've had in ages. I figured out that Mr.CC gets upset and starts getting uneasy just as I turn off the lights and hop into bed. SO, noticing that I go and leave the lights on and my bedroom door open. He slept like a baby and so did I. I wake up this morning stepped on the scale and saw 115 lbs.
If I maintained that through out today. I have no idea. But it's about time I jot down my final outcome pics.

You know you're day starts out great when you catch a good looking white guy checking you out. You blond hair blue eyes guys... *sucker* ... anyways. Work downtown today was just work... a list of things to do and then of course the unexpected news releases come in, the clients calls. The boss is out of town. But Nothing I can't handle. =) As I try my best with everything. I work a bit over time and take off to meet up with the sister at the skytrain station. As I wait for her at Rupert a young white guy walks by me checking me as well. He walks by and returns asking if I was looking for someone. He's holding a 6pack, and sways as he walks and he's holding one can opened in his hand. I'm wondering to myself..."Is this guy drunk?" I tell him I'm waiting for a ride and he carries on on his way. Swaying as he crosses the road. He was buzzed or something. My sissy comes and we head off the Superstore to pick up food that was supposed to be for dinner did not end up getting eaten. On our way to her house to pick up her fiance, we hit a traffic jam on the highway. We get to where the accident happened and we follow a fire truck that is driving away from the scene as they just cleared it. They change lanes and Lan is speeding up the highway. She tells me to wave at the firemen as we drive pass by them, as she says this I'm already locking eyes with one of the firemen. What's funny is that HE starts to wave at me and I smile and I wave back. Ugh... HOT! Me and Lan have a great laugh about it on the way home. As dad keeps calling to see where we are to come home for dinner. We make it home to see dinner is cooked and Lan's Curry and Naan bread has to be made and tasted some other time. Mr.CC gets his butt shaved today and sadly has to wear diapers inside too. =( poor baby.

Weight Loss Story: I started at 135+ pounds ( maybe perhaps 140 lbs I don't remember )in July 31, 2009... Today: Sept 25, 2009 I've reached my goal of losing weight and reaching 115lbs. =)


Here are some pics of me before. Believe me people when I say I used to be fat. I used to be a fat kid. Somewhere between grade 4-6 it looks like I ate someone and ballooned. I kinda grew out of it and in the summer before going into grade 10 I worked out for the whole summer dropping to 87pounds, I lost 20 pounds. Now I did the same thing then, but now I'm older. And the transition in these pics is. one is from a little over two years ago same month. the second one was taken in April of 2009. The Third one was taken June of this year, look how disgustingly fat I look it's just gross now that I look at it and how I even let myself get to that point of unhealthy balance. The fourth was in the midst of losing weight. Remember Is started at 135+, heck I was probably at 140 lbs. I kid you not. I didn't notice how much my weight seemed to fluctuate till now. Good or bad, I have no idea.


I just took these not too long ago.. as in.. TODAY. I love this top. I got it a while ago cause I thought it was fab. but I had too much flab to wear it before. Now tell me... doesn't it look great?! now that I'm 115???!!! LOL. Enjoy people.. my full body shot since losing 20+ pounds. =) I'm in better shape then when I graduated high school. I was 120 when I graduated.
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