Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happy Hump Day

How I lost 20 Pounds. click here to send you to the blog post.  Before and after pictures can be found HERE.  Well in todays video I talk a lot and I hope I don't bore everyone to death. I'm very happy and I hope that rubs off on people.  I woke up so early this morning but I didn't care, I had great sleep even though my lights were on.

There are a couple of places I mention in my video where you can get vinyl toys from.
Voltage ( on main ):
Headquarters ( on burrard )
El Kartel ( on robson ):

There is one more place that I do hit up to get vinyls and that's in Richmond and that is in Aberdeen Centre a place called: beans

I'm starting to burn out I guess it's time to eat something. I'll take a nap a little later on.
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