Friday, November 27, 2009

Ahhhhhh YVR I Heart You

I'm now sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to board which is an hour from now. I'm sitting here on my iphone?! Why when I have my MacBook next to me? Stupid me? This way is faster and handheld! That's why! I'm not so nervous anymore thanks to dad's nagging. At what I wear. Telling me what I should pack. Why I'm not dressed enough. I really can go on but it will make my blood boil. Work was tedious. I don't know why LAN gave me a giant luggage now I can't buy extra stuff. I wonder. Well my shampoos. Socks? Underwear? Lingerie? LOL jkjkjk. I had to take off my boots and get a bit felt up at the gate but hey all standard to me. I don't mind. My belt buckle and watch set the detector off. I'm sleepy. I think I should shoot a little clipit or something. Dunno. Thinking. I wonder how bright it will be if I used my lappy. Ahhh I like how I can blog as I wait for my flight. I'm a bit nervous but I'm more happy about the fact that I will be seeing my baby soon. My frankie baby! First time in 8+ years. I smile at the thought of him and my nervousness disappears. This getaway is what I need after all the creative juices all drainedout of me.
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