Monday, November 09, 2009

It Starts With One

I spent a couple hours last night ( fell asleep and woke back up ) and a couple hours this morning watching something that's educated my self being for the better. Cousin Jonny has an assignment due and I asked what it was about and etc. He tells me it's on a video he had to watch called, "The Age Of Aids". I decided to watch this. Why? Why would I spend 4 hours of my life watching this? Because out of the millions upon millions that have died, people that live and are affected one way or another, this is an entity that exists and will continue to do so for many years to come. Watch the video: "The Age Of Aids"
I named my blog this morning on the fact that it only starts with one. One choice, one action, one cause, one affect and something a lot of people seem to take for granted and over look. One Life. The saddest moment watching this whole video to me was at the very end. When a little girl who's around the age of 6-8 years old asks the doctor, why she is positive ( HIV POSITIVE ). The doctor tells her about a virus in her blood then looks to the mother to ask her if she's explained to her where she had contracted it from. She looks back to the little girl and says, one days when she's older, her mom will tell her. *so heart breaking* This made me realize and wonder when will this cycle return to zero? That fact is currently so far from reality, it can only be a dream.
The Red Ribbon means a lot more to me now and I come to wonder what the other ribbons mean. I wear an awareness ribbon on my charm bracelet in memory of more than just my friend that passed away from cancer, but to remind me that everyone will one day be affected one way or another, I can't forget how precious life and people can become to one another. Here's a list. List of Awareness Ribbons.
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