Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rev's Bowling then Shopping

There is a number of things that happened today that really put me in a panic. Or made me feel like. WTF! This morning I made breakfast for me and cousin LX before we left for the bus, purchasing all day passes so we can go where ever for the whole day traveling between cities. I took Cousin LX to go bowling. She did a great job her first time out! we bowled for an hour and after our fingers got a little sore. We started to head out shopping. Unexpectedly the zipper on my boot pops off. Fixable I would think. A great guy at Rev's who worked there was kind enough to supply me with safety pins before I made it to Brentwood Mall. I thought well since it was a simple zipper fix, I the lady at the clothing place maybe able to fix it for me. She says NO, ( without ever looking at it ) and sends me next door to the shoe fixing place. The man at the shoe fixing place wasn't very much help either. He didn't look at my problem either and said he couldn't help me cause I'd have to replace the whole zipper. WTF! I thought to myself enough was enough. I would just have to drop some money and invest in some new boots. I go to Pay-less, Ingledew and Shoe Warehouse. I decide to buy a pair of boots from the shoe warehouse. Grey Waterproof boots that are casual for walking an about winter city. After leaving the shoe store wearing my new boots and tossing the old ones ( cause the zipper couldn't be fixed ) after leaving the washroom I realized, where's the umbrella. >_< I return to the previous stores and realize I had dropped it in payless, thank god it was still there. We left and headed for downtown Vancouver in search for a skin cream called Egyptian Magic that seems to be having great reviews. Finding it at Capers Community Market. I always enjoy going to organic markets. I don't know why. I guess one of my motto's , the body is a temple, how you choose to treat it means a lot. Faith in yourself kind of way of thought and respecting it. We head out for BBT at Bubble World. The original shop on Robson where I fell in love with Green Tea ice cream BBT. Thanks to JT. We later head to PC, then to Metro for more shopping. During our little shopping trip at metro I lost my credit card, only to have left it in one of the last shops I visited. I returned there an the cashier girl was nice enough to keep it safe for me. A total life saver! My day wasn't over. I head to SFU campus for a late meeting in the lobby and I we chat away, bouncing ideas and updating one another since the last Desi Method meeting. I love these meetings, I can't help but feel that gut feeling that it's something worth building upon. That I really want to be a part of this. Perhaps it's more on the basis that it feels more like a collaboration of creative minds. I get home to chat a bit with Frankie before ending the night with 2 movies. 9 and Jumanji.
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