Saturday, November 28, 2009

T.O. Day One

I left Vancouver last night from YVR around 11pm and landed in Toronto a little after 6am (*toronto time* 3am Vancouver time ) and was dead tired ( I was up 24hours straight ). The man that sat next to me was happily reading his book the half of the flight As I tried to sleep. It wasn't till we were starting our decent into Toronto when I started to feel it. The headache and neck pain from the dozing off here and there on the flight over. I touch down and I text #1) Frankie baby. #2) Everyone else. I had filmed silently a little before I had left YVR and when I was waiting to claim my baggage. My babes is there to meet me as I step out with my bags. I'm greeted with a big smile and big hug. Nothing warmer when go somewhere for the first time. =) We head home to sleep Z_Z a good sleep. We wake up and get ready to head out for our day.

We head out and Frankie takes me on the street car, he hands me this coin that is a transit token of Toronto. It's very cool looking. unique to the city.

I wonder why we don't have something like this implemented in Vancouver. Where ever we are headed we just pay one toll fee to where we want to go, or we get monthly / weekly passes. We head out for breakfast in Chinatown and I watch attentively to the different surroundings T.O.'s Chinatown. it's area strangely reminds me a little of San Fran's Chinatown. Except with wider streets. We eat con-gee with Chinese doughnut and an extra dish of shrimp rice roll at Gold Stone for breakfast. We then walk on over to the AGO. We go in and were advised to start from the top and work our way down. Planing this gallery trip was unexpected. What was so unexpected was HOW BIG the AGO is. It's HUGE. so much to see and as you make your way around to every piece you start to feel you're spending too much time in one area. Room after room after room. By the end. I can only explain this as a visual overload.

I was however a little concerned for Frankie as he walked around with me looking at the artwork and photography exhibit. A good sport none the less. ♥ After a 3-4 hours of exploring the AGO. We were pooped we head on home and on the way he shops a little taking a peek into Zara and buying a pair of new work shoes at Aldo. We make our way home and take a nap before we headed to I COOK BUFFET a very popular restaurant where you cook your own hotpot dinner. The Buffet part is where you go up and fill your own dish of what you want to cook in your hot pot. I wonder, if a restaurant with this concept opens up within Vancouver, would it be successful? Dinner is done and we head on home. Frankie cranks the sound system in his little cute Honda and I can't believe my ears. His sound system is by far the best I have heard, ever! the sound is so crisp it's amazing! We go to the little grocery shop to get some juice and bread and get home just in time to watch the Canucks game.

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