Monday, November 02, 2009

YAY... November!

November First is here and 26 days left till I get on a plane of Toronto. The countdown in going down. Today I woke up at Lan's place. We had waffles for breakfast, and around noon we *cousin LX and Me and the sissy* clean up all the fallen leaves in her backyard. I once thought that I would like to adopt Joey dog but after picking up some of his big poops I would like to retract that statement. We head out soon after for home and then we *me and cousin LX* to the skytrain station, we head out to metro for some shopping. I look for my luggage again and a long jacket for T.O. Trip as cousin LX goes in search for clothing. I come home with two more pairs of tights and LX is happy with her finds. Luggage however, I'm still debating if I should borrow one from my parents or purchase my own and be more independent. The thing is there are lots of luggage pieces that fill up the closet of my parents closet.
The following sentence is to test my cousin's pronunciation. I've been doing it on our way to the mall. But this paragraph should help her out more with it. I dare her friends to try this back home.

Three trees are standing true throughout the forest. It's where the florist gathers flowers. There are thirty three thieves that are transparent, transporting illegal thunderbolts. Try to tie the tie to thy thighs and spice them with thyme. Think about your drink. Their theory of a thank tank are bound to throw out the thoughts and the true thesis on the trophy thumb. Therapy is soothing. Seven teens are turning seventeen. This is their seventeenth birthday not seventy. Cloth is used to make clothing. Bathe in the Bath with Baffin. I'm with him don't dis him. Get a whiff of this.
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