Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Waiting Room

Today I walked into a medical lab to go get my blood work done, and having to give them the blood sample and stool sample. ( stool sample has yet to be dropped off to them ) I was in another waiting room. This one smaller with more people. I didn't mind going to this lab, because I'd been there before. Five to Six years ago.

I notice that people seem to take a number from the dispenser like it's a lottery. What's wrong with some people?! There was another lady that started to complain about how slow everything was going. Why this .. and Why that. I wanted to lecture her childish behavior and attitude. The truth of the matter is that this is a very small lab. If there is only one person working at the front desk, then so be it. It doesn't matter how many people is working at the front desk, whether it be one, two or three. The waiting room will still be backed up due to the fact that there is only limited space in the back where the screening and checks and blood work takes place. It only takes common sense to see this. The nurses are not just walking about doing nothing and having tea and cookies. Everything has procedures. Just cause you didn't plan out your day right and didn't see the possibilities before walking into a situation. Doesn't really give you that right to start complaining and rubbing your negativity off.

Finally it was my turn! It was very sweet when I sat down and one of my favorite songs started over the radio as I was messaging with Darren.
I calmed down from getting my blood taken for tests. I looked away when she poked me. But I turned to watch as my blood was quickly filling up the tubes. I thought to myself.. wow look how fast that's pumping out of me... I think if I was cut deeply I would bleed out! She tells me when she comes back in two minutes time that I need to give her a urine sample and gives me a little cup. I have never done this before. I guess there's a first for everything.

I've been contemplating an of doing a number of things lately . Like writing an email to the X to see how he's doing and to fill him in on me. I guess. I dunno. I guess I will be heading over to his place to drop off the last of all the things he has here. mm I guess I will email him.

Tonight... Dinner and watching the Canucks Game with Darren. :).
He is to feed me really good food tonight. at least I hope he does.
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