Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Churns

I was okay most of the day. I think I went through most of it without taking any pills, but you know what. I actually feel better when I don't. I don't know what it is.
I'm still waiting for the test results. Am I not sick?? or what. I should go running again. I want to go running SO BAD!

I could barely text at work today or msn with friends the work load was crazy. I think I'm going to start the routine of getting red bull now. with some big bottle of water of vitamin water. I want to get breakfast from places around my work, but there isn't any places that are good for you to eat at in the morning, unless I hit up the salad loop.

My stomach churns a little as I'm on the train going home. errr. stress... ???
I chat with Darren for a bit tonight, we kinda have chatted a bit on the nights that we don't see each other. He tells me that he's always so happy to talk to me, or just to be with me :) *blush* that's so sweet. apparently people have been asking him why he's always smiling as he's texting me *smiles*. It's strange when I'm with him, I feel very comfortable. Like we've known each other for years on end.

Tomorrow is hectic. I wanted to work on something at home but cant I should go to sleep. I got to go into work early so I can work on it early as well. I should get to sleep on the train. :)
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