Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Man in the Gray Sweater?

I took today off to get checked out.
I get a good morning message from Darren this morning. *smiles* but I was still dreading the fact I have to do what I have to today. Go see the doctor. These stomach issues just aren't fun to deal with. I go on my own. As I walk in and wait in the waiting room full of people ( some times I didn't even have space to sit I just stood there like a weirdo ) I wanted to leave, I just wanted turn and go home. I text Darren. He assures me that it's okay. That I'll be just fine. Well you know how doctors are supposed to be the man in white~! Well my doctor was wearing a Gray Sweater. He came in I said I was looking for a full check up. He suggested a blood test. I tell him what's going on with my digestion problems (* I didn't tell him everything but he ordered some other tests with the blood test anyways to be safe *) He says everything I'm telling him sounds like IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He prescribes pills. ( PILLS ... I HATE PILLS ) . They cost me 60$ for 60 pills... which means... the pills are a dollar each. WOW . The pharmacist lady tells me that there are two triggers sometimes for IBS. That it can be certain foods and stress. So, I have to watch what I eat and NO STRESS!

My dad was starting things up with me again asking this and that of what the doctor said. Asking what I can be stressing about. ( Dad doesn't realize that his negativity a lot around the house expels a lot of energy that triggers me to absorb and get stressed. He isn't even yelling at me most of the time but it stresses me out. )

Today Doctors, Tomorrow, The Blood Tests.
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