Sunday, January 17, 2010

Refreshing Day To Remember

I was messaging with a friend Darren throughout the early morning. I called him at 2am to talk instead. He was already wanting to call me in the morning and drag me out for lunch. But I called him first, he was very surprised. But I hope it was a sweet surprise. I don't know why I just decided to call him, I sucked it up and did it. I got him caught up on almost everything that's been going on with me lately. The issue with the crush, a bit of my health, the people in my life. etc. etc. We talked for HOURS! He gave me advice, and more. In the end he kept bouncing back and fourth wondering if I just need time relax before dragging me out for lunch or some kind of meal. He then ends up taking a chance at the day and decides he wants to take me out anyways. Saying we both had nothing but to gain from the experience of one another and our company. (*SO SWEET*). We end our talk and go to bed in the early morning hours. I wake up a few hours later by my mom and I can't seem to go back to sleep. I decide to work out around 10:00am and I go downstairs an hour later or so to do some work for a business card design. It wasn't long after I started to working on the card design that my friend wakes up. Sleepy and tired he still calls me to talk and see what I'm up to. I work away as I talk to him. I wrap up what I'm working on and bring my things back upstairs. We make our plans for today which wasn't much and just involved going to Richmond for lunch. I go shower as he gets ready to come and makes his way over. By the time I was ready with everything he shows up. I lock up, I walk out to a dry day and a bit of sun out and clouds in the sky kind of day. I call Dad to tell him I'm heading out and turn to come and see that he is standing out of his HUGE truck and walking up to greet me with a hug. :) He helps me into his big truck. My first thought. WOW. It was so big and roomy inside it was amazing, I had never sat in such a high / big vehicle that isn't a bus. First time riding in a big truck! Wooh. The view is so different. On the drive away from home I was a bit nervous! but I loosened up. Especially on the drive over the bridge, the view from the truck is higher, and you see over everything and it was just beautiful! We head towards Richmond and the drive there and the view was also just enjoyable. We get to Yaohan centre, cause he was craving food from the food court. As we were getting out of the car, he quickly gets out to see if I needed any help climbing out of the car I joked about how I thought I would fall and smash my face. And when I was getting out of the car, my phone falls to the ground! ( Rather my phone than my face! ) when we were at the food court he kindly gives me money when I said that I didn't have any cash and just to pay him back later on. I end up getting congee with Chinese doughnut ( you can never eat congee without Chinese doughnut! well I can't at least. ) I ordered the Hong Kong Style, I didn't know what was in it but hey, I'm never too scared to try something new. He was already seated when I got my food and joined him. I don't know what it is. When I catch his eyes and his smile. We debate as we finish lunch what else we could do or wanted to do.( I didn't think we were going to do anything else to be honest! LOL I just thought we were going for lunch. Which turns to a whole day hang out ) he started naming out things we could do and I chose rent a movie. ( I didn't really feel like sitting in a theater full of people ). I watch him as he thinks to himself how dirty his place is and he agrees. We leave and as we got to his car, he does his gentleman thing and opens the door for me to climb up and into the car. ♥ Before today, I don't even remember the last time a guy held the door open for me as I got into the car. *strange* I'm kinda taken by him doing this. We have a drive to rented some movies. Jennifer's Body ( Which I thought would be scarier and was a bit of a let down ). Inglorious Bastards ( Which I felt was well written in a story line ). We get to his place and he asks me to wait for a bit outside as he swoops all his clothes that were all about off the couches. Well as we were about to pop the movie in, I ask if he had a blanket. ( One thing about me is I'm blanket addicted when it comes to sitting and watching a movie at home especially if it's a scary movie. A guy is not going to do anything to make me feel safe. A blanket does! ) He didn't just have a simple throw so he goes into his room and grabs his huge king size duvet blanket for me to snuggle up in. I sat on one end of the couch as he laid down on it. Once and awhile as I sat there next to him he's end up resting his head on my stomach. Using the blanket as a cushion between us. My hand would for some reason find it's way to his head and play with his short hair. LOL. In between movies he made me popcorn and then made some mini pizzas. I caught him with a big smile as he was popping them in the oven and I asked him what was up. He thought it was a bit funny that he was feeding me mini pizzas. But to me, I didn't want to have the bother of going out to grab something and coming back to finish our movie. Inglorious Bastards was well written to me and I so called it when the girl gets shot. *sigh* Too much of a writers brain when I watch movies. After the movie was done we rest and watch TV for a bit before we decided to leave and he drops me back home. We turn out from his street and down a hill and I was taken back by the night view of the city. WOW. I wish I had my camera. I wish I had the ability to transfer little moments in my life that I see through my eyes onto film. We drove by a bus and was amazed at the height of his truck. Drops me off, I hop out of his white chariot of a ride and our meeting today ends the same as it began... with a hug. :).
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