Friday, January 01, 2010

Sweet Start To A New Year

The day started like any other. but more dressy because of my plans to go to dinner and a new years eve party. I changed them to spend it with a little someone who asked me early afternoon to spend the night with him since he wasn't feeling so well, coughing and etc. It was unexpected to me he would ask me to spend the evening with him watching movies. I couldn't say no on the fact that I said I was going to tell something very important. I go over to his place and cook him dinner (I hadn't eaten lunch and was starving! at this point). What I was going to tell him I didn't really need to, since he felt the same to. We watched. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. The movie was so funny. I loved it. After that we watched Zombie Land. Why? I must ask, why did they have to put a clown in it! We counted down together like we had did last year as well, but this time it was just us together. This was the most intimate new years I've ever had. Ringing the new year with someone I care for. He wasn't feeling so well so he drives me home around 2am after a short nap and I come to feel this is a sweet start to a new year.
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