Monday, May 03, 2010

Hi Bob!

I woke up again feeling sick to my stomach. I rough it out and get out of bed. I walk to the bus stop, the sunny sky I had woken up with was now clouded over and it started to sprinkle. I, being weird as I am make a little plea to God, as I had forgotten to pack my umbrella with me. "God, why? please let the warmth of the sun come out and make love to my skin." I make it to work. Getting breakfast around 10 ... and I worked through out the day. The first hour of the day was hectic news release coming in all at once. The day dies down after lunch and I enjoy working away and designing. However I find myself fixing someone else design file at the end of the day which I will carry on with tomorrow. Nicki invites me to watch the game with him, but the power goes out in Burnaby and he gets stuck at work. I head over to Brentwood Mall and bank my cheque and decided it was time I got another fighting fish. My fish thank had been empty for while, my plant growing out of a fish bowl with no fish. I took a while looking at them, picking out a healthy looking one, a spunky and beautifully colored. I buy him and I'm off. Nicki can't get out of work and has to put in over time and it's just another hang time with a friend canceled. I get home to witness the awful loss of canucks. :(
Here are some beautiful pics of my new fishy Bob... yes I named the new one same as the old one, cause it's just easier that way. When I was at the bus stop I bask in the sun... Thank You God, :) I know you listen. Things happen for a reason.

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