Saturday, May 01, 2010


I find it rather difficult to schedule correctly to meet with friends and having them pull out.. or you decide not to meet up. Blah De Blah Blah Blah... Plans change all the time, feelings and such do as well.

I head out today and spent it on my own. ( I have to get used to this ). Lonely Loner in the house. LOL jkjkjk. I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery to check out the Exhibit on Leonardo Da Vinci Mechanics of a Man. Hoping to catch the other shows. I'm so let down people. You have no idea. After going to somewhere like the AGO. And going to our Museum which is super small compared to the AGO. I don't think it's justified to pay 20$ to get in to just walk around the first floor. I thought his sketches however were exquisite. Amazed at how he drew, and shaded and crosshatched. His lines are precise and solid. I bought some postcard prints to frame and hang up...that's when I have my own place...I did something at the gallery I hadn't done for a while...sketch a still love object. :) I signed it and left it there. when I leave the gallery, there is an endless line up that goes outside and around the building to get in to see the show. I walk on over to HMV and pick up four movies and a book. Ghosts of Girlfriends Pasts, He's Just Not That Into You, Dan In Real Life, Sex Drive. And the book. Angels & Demons.

Dinner turns out to be canceled and I head home alone out of downtown to get home to catch the game in time and cuddle up in bed to enjoy the win.

Now it's Movie time.

I realized I don't like being alone...But I rather be alone then being with someone who doesn't make me happy.

"nosce te ipsum" - Know Thyself.
You're a Genius All the Time - I think should have bought this book for the encouragement as I go on day to day.
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