Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sad Mornings & Rejection

I had another one this morning as I had a dream with Darren in it. I woke up just heavy heart-ted and spent most of the day... shaking it off. That weird feeling that just covers your skin. I chat with my friend who seems to have the ability to make me laugh so hard and me... trying not to laugh out loud at work. Especially as we spoke about nicknames and shortcut names we have for certain things that were all made up during high school or shortly after it. For some strange reason he keeps telling me when he gets morning wood. Then I thought about it... I had a sad morning, people say good morning. So if he gets morning wood, should he say 'wood morning' instead? hahahaha sorry... it was so funny to think that up this morning when I was chatting with him.

I'm going to try to start to devote myself to the Abs diet. Eating right ( to be honest I feel the effects already.. I was full a lot of the day today. I need to go and buy ingredients for most of the recipes. I'm glad that they are small servings in the book. 1-4 people servings. So ingredients buying won't be that hard.

I've been working on this rejection video for a while, trying to figure out split screen and green screen and the difficulties of it all.

these things have not happened to me, or at least I think! but it's just what I thought about when it comes to rejection. This video is not to make fun of anyone that these events have happened to. Just random re-enactments of thoughts. Damn I really need a guy to be in my videos... Split screening is hard!
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