Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stupid Storm!

Yeah I blame a storm for knocking down the cable and leaving me no internet to blog with. That's right.

Alright... Sunday was the last day of driving school. There was a reason why it is important to wear your seat belt. So people can find your body after an accident...that's right.

Yesterday: I was caught in the rain...when I left the house it wasn't raining! but when I left. ~_~ I went to go buy myself flowers. reason: sometimes it takes you to make yourself feel special. Yes... I don't think I can remember the last time a man bought me flowers... it was probably with Trev. On my birthday or something like 2 years ago. I go to visit Nicki and we watch a movie together. Cop out and he drops me off at home before attending to his friends in Richmond.

Today: Work was work. I'm currently reading this book called. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. For more than a year my friend has been trying to get me to read this book. We constantly talk positively and he had always said that what we end up talking about and my beliefs and way of thinking kept reminding him of this book. He was right. It embodies so much of me and how and what I believe, it blows my mind. Could the ripples of me trying to find myself and purpose started more than ten years ago...have I always been seeking some sort of enlightenment without ever knowing it? Could have all the things I decided to this day all based on what I felt to be right for my happiness was leading me on the right path all along? I'm only half way through this book and I feel like there are so many quotes I want to share.  Maybe my beliefs of what life is all about was etched and impacted by the monk I had met so many years ago as well and the book he had given me. With a chant.  How I remember these words for the mantra he taught me, baffles me. I don't even remember what it means. But I think it's supposed to calm my center.

I'm at a pivotal point of my life where I have a good career going. I'm talented in that spectrum. I work practically full time. My boss is a great guy with a foundation I actually believe in. Who has thus provided me health benefits in showing his appreciation for me. Me doing Youtube was on the basis of building a foundation as an artist and if you haven't noticed - spreading words of positivity. I just can't help it... that's just me. Art.. well that comes naturally when opportunities arise. Just as long as I'm pursuing my dreams to be a known artist, creating works of art that I believe in. I'm now striving for better health in what I eat and how I exercise. Looking to trim down my tummy. I am constantly striving for my goals, living for a purpose that is beyond me.  I have no reason not to be happy.

If I condition myself, mind, body and soul. I have more opportunities to spread this kindness that so many can see that pours from my soul. To leave more than art behind when I'm gone...more than money, more than objects. If I'm left only being a memory in people, may it be one that changes people for the better... with a smile...feeling hope... and even better... LOVED.

My nana is sick... I'm pondering if I should save up to return back to Malaysia & Brunei for a visit. Perhaps visit Singapore, Hong Kong, Miri, Kuching and Kuala Lumpur in the process.
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